Progress Report 8/11/17

As always, I’d like to begin this week’s progress report by thanking all of you awesome people who’ve followed, liked and/or commented on my blog!

Here are this week’s stats:

Words Written This Week: 2,547

Words Written For Book So Far: 35,412 in order/63,407 total

Last Chapter of Rough Draft Completed: Chapter 11

Chapters To Go (subject to change): 12/13

Days Until October 11th Goal Date: 61 (two months from today…*breaks sweat*)

Thoughts: So, I know those numbers up there are a little funky. I managed to write some of Chapter 12, but then I got an idea for a scene later in the story and I had to write it. Or, rather, I got angry. And I had to find somewhere to put my frustration/anger.

You see, sometimes, things happen to me that truly inspire me. If something upsets me, instead of fuming on it, I’ve been trying to think of a scene for my book that requires anger. And then, within the realm of the story, I let it flow out of me. Equally, if something makes me happy or sentimental or (sorry family members) turns me on, I’ve been trying to channel those feelings as well. And the stronger/more overwhelming the feelings, the better. I’ve found that it makes my writing more authentic and much more alive. I’m not comfortable sharing the actual moments from my life that I channel into my writing, at least not at this point. But I can tell you that several things have directly and indirectly inspired me to write certain scenes out of sequence. And a LOT has happened in the past week or two that has inspired me greatly.

Contradicting last week’s progress report, I did sit down and tweak/rework my chapter outline. A few more chapters required full rewrites, but much of the story remained the same.

All that said, I definitely did not meet the goal I set for myself last week. I will make one excuse and admit that I went to two concerts (and one AMAZING meet & greet) for my favorite band and I barely had time to eat/sleep/breathe on Monday or Tuesday. But aside from that, I am disappointed that I didn’t meet my goal. I know it will happen sometimes, and I know I am still ahead of schedule. But I am disappointed nonetheless because I know, this is how I’ve let ideas die before becoming books in the past.

So this coming week, I am going to crack down and refocus. I have all of this awesome new inspiration to use, so why not?

My goal for next week is to complete Chapters 12 and 13. This should put me at/over the halfway point to finishing my rough draft.

Still pretty amazing. Only slightly more amazing than Mark Tremonti letting me sit on his knee. Still pretty scary. Only slightly scarier than trying to relax while sitting on Mark Tremonti’s knee.

Note to self: FOCUS BAISDEN!


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