Ongoing Inspiration

From the very beginning of this project, there have been little things along the way that have happened to me or around me that lead me to believe I’m meant to write this book. I’m not religious. I’m not particularly superstitious (although I do knock on wood quite often). But even I am able to acknowledge when it seems the universe is nudging me along and letting me know I’m on the right path. And since I’m currently in a holding pattern, I thought I’d share with you some of the things that have happened to me/around me that make me believe I’m finally where I’m supposed to be.

  • At one of the concerts I’ve attended in the past year, I saw a poster for an artist with my main character’s name, only with the first and last names reversed.
  • I reached out to one of my favorite M/M authors on Facebook, Ally Blue, and asked if she could recommend any editors to me. She responded with two names, and one’s first name was Delphine…I almost never come across a person with my name or anything that close to it.
  • I finally got the nerve up to ask a sales person at Barnes & Noble if they had any gay romance novels, and she recommended several to me that I have enjoyed.
  • The main character in the first M/M romance I ever read was named ‘Miles’.
  • Several of my friends have either offered to read/look over my book, offered to help me with the research, offered advice about the self-publishing process, and/or just been plain supportive.
  • The province between Akielos and Vere in Captive Prince is called Delpha. Again, see above. That almost never happens to me. And now it’s happened twice.
  • Kristen Kieffer read my blog post about her and commented on my Instagram repost about it.
  • Josh Lanyon read my review blog post of her Adrien English series and commented on my Facebook post about it.

I’ve left out a few things, as they reveal more about my story than I’m currently willing to divulge. But I can tell you, the more these little things continue to happen, the more excited I become for the future of my book. And the more I wonder why I haven’t been doing this all along.


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