Progress Report 9/29/17

As always, I’d like to begin this week’s progress report by thanking all of you awesome people who’ve followed, liked and/or commented on my blog!

Days Until Rewrite (October 11)12

No official stats this week, since I’m still not directly working on my manuscript. But I did write a few thousand words for fun, so that’s pretty cool!

Research Progress:

Research was a bust this week. On Sunday, I spent the day with my sister belatedly celebrating her birthday. On Monday, I got wrapped up in the fun writing project I mentioned above for most of the day. Weirdly, I’m not disappointed in myself. Part of being a writer is stepping outside once in a while and living/observing life. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Break TBR List Progress:

If my research suffered, you know my reading did too. I’m about halfway through The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtueby Mackenzi Lee. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. It’s just that most of the books I’ve read recently have been 200-300 pages tops. This one clocks in at 513 pages.

I did read through Stranger Things Have Happenedby Josh Lanyon, the official sixth Adrien English book…and because of the decisions I made in the create-your-own-adventure format, I was done in about 20 pages. Should I count that towards my reading goal? I feel like I should work through it once or twice more, making different decisions, so I don’t feel like I’m cheating.

Thoughts On Leaving My Book Alone:

Because I’ve been so distracted this week, leaving my book alone has been much easier than the past two weeks (18 days to be exact).

Goals for the Coming Week:

I need to get back on track with research. What’s left to look into isn’t as daunting as what I studied last week. But I do think I need to spend a big portion of this weekend – BOTH DAYS – working on research.

In between playing my best Hermione Granger, I would like to finish The Gentleman’s Guide. I’ve also acquired another ARC project that I’d like to tackle this coming week as well.

Note to self:

It’s good to actually take a break and relax, but don’t lose sight of your goal. That momentum you feel like you’ve built? It could just as easily slip away if you don’t continue to push forward. Again, FOCUS BAISDEN.


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