Favorite YouTuber Spotlight: Jenna Moreci

Yet another writer/vlogger I’ve stumbled across recently. This lady is HILARIOUS. Imagine if Jenna Marbles was a writer with a slightly darker sense of humor. That’s Jenna Moreci.

In addition to cracking me up, she has a ton of videos containing useful information about the entire writing process, from the actual writing of a book to marketing and selling a book. She’s also made a few comic-relief videos about how strange it is to be a writer (see above).

If you’re a writer looking for an informative YouTube channel, check her out. If you’re a writer looking for some humor because your characters/story/the process in general are driving you up the wall, check her out. If you’re a normal person who wants an honest and witty glimpse of what it’s like for your writer friends, check her out.


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