Progress Report 1/26/18

As always, I’d like to begin this week’s progress report by thanking all of you awesome people who’ve followed, liked and/or commented on my blog!

Days Until Beginning the Third Draft (February 11): 16

No stats this week, since I’m not directly working on my manuscript.

Short Story Progress

Yeah…no. I got about 1,000 words down and I’ve since let it stall. I have the idea. I have the characters. I even have an outline. But the actual writing part? Not so much.

Break TBR List Progress

I’m about halfway through Oleander House by Ally Blue and I’m really, really enjoying it. Unfortunately, I’m unsure of whether or not I’ll be able to finish the three books of the series that are currently out by the end of my break, as I have my first ARC read of 2018 currently waiting for me on my Kindle and I believe another one on the way shortly.

Thoughts On Leaving My Book Alone

I definitely feel much more relaxed leaving my book alone for this break than I did for the first one. For one, I believe my brain is itching to write other things. In addition to the short story I’m writing, I’ve also been writing a little for fun. For another thing, I have a lot of reading to do if I’m going to make 50 books this year. And finally, well…I’ve been enjoying catching up on sleep. And mindlessly watching horror movies. And catching up on my favorite podcasts. And maybe trying out a few new ones.

Goals for the Coming Week

With respect to the short story, I’d like to aim to get another 2,000-3,000 words down for it. If I manage to do that, I’ll feel much better about the project.

With regard to my TBR list, I’d like to finish Oleander House by Ally Blue. I will also need to read the ARC I’ve got on my Kindle as I write, Spanking the Boss by Hunter Frost.

And finally, I know that this time, leaving my book alone won’t be that hard. I’ve got other ideas, other projects, and just life in general to worry about. It’ll be much easier this time, knowing that the story is told and that all it needs now is editing.

Note to self

Keep doing the thing, Baisden. You’re doing just fine!


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