James’ Best Friend (Character Reveal)

As mentioned in last week’s progress report, there will be no progress report this week. Mom’s surgery went very well and she’s recovering, but as you can imagine between hospital visits, getting her home and taking care of her, I haven’t had much time to work on my book. Which is perfectly fine and I’d planned for it!

Instead of a progress report, I did want to do something special. Today is Best Friend’s Day and in honor of that, and because I have no stats/news this week, I think it’s time to reveal probably the most important supporting character in my book.

His name is Phil Archer and he is James’ best friend and band mate. He is 29 years old during the book, with light brown hair and grey-blue eyes. He’s the drummer for both major bands featured in the book. He’s an ESFJ on the Myers-Briggs scale. He’s heterosexual.

Fun facts about Phil?

His name and personality have largely remained the same as they were when I began writing this book, long before I knew it was going to be an actual book.

He loves and watches over James like an older brother, even though they’re only a year apart in age. When Kieran comes back into James’ life and they begin to grow closer, Phil is skeptical of Kieran and at times critical of how he handles James during certain situations.

I get the sense that though he’s a bit insecure. He develops a crush on Kieran’s sister towards the end of the book, but because he perceives her to be ‘out of his league’, he doesn’t confidently pursue her.


In the spirit of the day, here is an unedited excerpt that I previously posted on Facebook in response to the 7/7 challenge, for which you post 7 lines from your current work-in-progress. Enjoy and happy Best Friend’s Day!

“Because this thing between you and him, it used to make you happy. You used to smile like an idiot and blush like a teenage girl. You used to be excited to be around him and you didn’t have to drink to do it.” Even through the alcoholic cocoon he’d placed around himself, Phil’s words made him ache. “I can’t tell if it’s just a cooling off or if he’s-“

“He’s nothing!” James lashed out. “I said I’m f-fine, I’m fine. Just drop it!”

“Fine,” Phil restarted the elevator. “Whatever, man. I promise not to say I told you so.”

“And I promise to try not to punch you in the throat while I’m drunk.”

I’ve previous posted character reveals for both main characters James Morgan and Kieran Jackson.


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