How to Get Into M/M – Pt. 2: The Different M/M Publishers

This is the second installment in my ‘How to Get Into M/M’ series. For the first installment, please click here.

So, I know I was originally going to make this second post about my favorite m/m authors. But then I got to thinking about how new I still am to reading this genre – it’s been less than two years since I picked up my first M/M romance novel – and thought better. After less than two years, I am no expert. I haven’t read even a fraction of the authors out there, so how can I claim to be the authority on who is the best, even if that kind of opinion is already subjective?

What, then, was I going to cover next? Well, I realized the other day while browsing one of several Half Price Books that I frequent that, after scanning spines for author’s I like, I scan for the emblems of different publishing houses that I’m familiar with. Bingo. I’ve used this particular tactic for as long as I’ve been reading romance, F/M and M/M. If you’re paying attention, you become familiar with the types and quality of work that certain publishers put out.

Please note that, in keeping with my newbie-status, this is not a comprehensive list of all the LGBT and/or M/M publishing houses. But these are the ones that I’ve become aware of over the past 20 months and I believe are a good place to start.

Active LGBT and/or M/M publishers

  • Dreamspinner Press – This publisher, at least from what I can tell through my admittedly (see above) amateur observation, is the biggest and most well-known M/M publisher currently in existence. Some of the most well-known authors/books/series have been published under their imprint. They have two other sites under their umbrella, DSP Publications and Harmony Ink Press, both of which have a more narrowly curated offering. In addition to running a fun, highly-interactive Facebook group, they also run some fantastic sales, especially if you sign up for their newsletters (I’m signed up on all three sites because I adore their work so much). If you’re just beginning to read M/M, I highly recommend checking out this site!
  • Riptide Publishing – From what I can tell, again, from my amateur observation, Riptide is the next largest M/M publisher. I personally have only ever ordered from them once during a sale because one of my favorite authors was included. I know recently, they’ve been caught up in some less-than-favorable light with having to pull books by alleged fraudster, Santino Hassell, as well as having their Editorial Director, Sarah Lyons, resign amid allegations of some very bad behavior, but the truth of the matter is that they still are one of the biggest M/M outlets.
  • JMS Books – From what I can tell, JMS is one of the smaller M/M publishers, but I can tell you that they, like Dreamspinner, have a Facebook Group and they also run some pretty awesome sales.
  • Beaten Track Publishing – Another smaller press. I add them to the list because a couple of my favorite authors have been/are published through them and I can attest to the quality of work that they put out.

Defunct LGBT and/or M/M publishers

  • Samhain Publishing – You can’t order from their site anymore, but you can still find them in used book stores, both physical and online. I’ve found and purchased many books because I scanned for their logo on the spines of books.
  • Loose Id – For now, it appears that you can still order books through their site. According to a Facebook post from 12/1/17, they are officially closing down on 5/7/18. Same goes for them as for Samhain, though. I’ve found/purchased books based on finding their logo on the spine.

Again, please understand that this is in no way a comprehensive list. I only feel that it’s a good place to start.

If you like this blog series so far, please feel free to let me know in the comments and/or follow my blog. If you know of any other M/M publishers that I’ve missed and think I should check them out, don’t hesitate to comment that as well! I’m always looking for new book-buying outlets.

Please note, there are MANY authors out there who self-publish and they should not be discredited in the slightest. But as someone just getting into reading this genre, it is difficult to find those particular authors with anything but word-of-mouth. I will absolutely cover the awesome self-pubs in another installment of this series!


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