The Only Thing I Can Focus On Is My Own Book (PR 3/16/18)

As always, I’d like to begin this week’s progress report by thanking all of you awesome people who’ve followed, liked and/or commented on my blog!

Here are this week’s stats:

Word Count for Chapters Edited This Week: 5,747

Last Chapter of Third Draft Completed: 13

Chapters To Go (subject to change)12

Days Until April 18th Goal Date: 33


I’ve been doing much better this week. Yesterday was the first day since the migraine that I haven’t had some kind of headache at some point during the day, so I think my boundaries are working.

Self-editing is still going smoothly and I have passed the halfway point. As I am almost a month away from handing it over to the beta-readers, I’d say that’s good. Also, my stomach dropped as I wrote that, so that’s cool.

One thing I have been struggling with this week is settling on a book to read. Aside from ARCs, I’m stuck in this loop of reading 30-50 pages before getting distracted by another book. I hope this passes soon, but if anyone has any tips or tricks for overcoming this, I’m all ears.

Speaking of ARCs, I did love and finish Teaching Tenderness by Brittany Cournoyer. If you’re looking for a sweet – and quite steamy – read about a single father falling in love with his son’s teacher, this is the book. I highly recommend it!

Goals For The Coming Week

For next week, I’d like to self-edit Chapters 14, 15 and 16.

I’d also like to buckle down with one potential ARC that I’ve signed up for but not heard back on yet.

Note to Self

Steady, Baisden. Steady.


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