Matilda Wormwood (PR 6/29/18)

As always, I’d like to begin this week’s progress report by thanking all of you awesome people who’ve followed, liked and/or commented on my blog!

Here are this week’s stats:

Word Count for Chapters Edited This Week: 10,107

Last Chapter of Fourth Draft Completed: 21

Chapters To Go (subject to change): 4

Days Until July 15th Goal Date: 16


So, why on earth would a 29-year-old woman writing male/male romances reference the heroine of a children’s book in her weekly progress report? Put simply, she was my original favorite literary heroine, long before Laurent of Vere or Adrien English. I think often about how her neglectful parents, her abusive principal, her prison-like school, none of it managed to crush her. There is one moment early in the film version when she’s reading, her tears falling onto the pages of the book in her lap, a stuffed animal in her arms. That moment has resonated with me for as long as I’ve been aware of the story.

How often during the hard times have I turned to books? How often have the characters inspired me or made me feel less alone? How often have I so wished that book characters were real, or that I might escape into their world?

This past month has had some ups and downs and there have been times when I’ve thought of that lonely little girl, crying into her books, wishing for more. So I let it lead me to a few different bookstores, where I’ve not only found more m/m books than I ever have in physical stores, I’ve also let it lead me to my friends, both real and online, in the search for not only better books, but for the community.

I’ve continued to work hard on my own book and am very thankful that during this past month, I was not writing fresh. There’ve been times when I wished I could channel my anxiety and depression and everything in between into my writing, but I know that would only exhaust me further. No, I’m grateful that instead, I’m honing a story that I love dearly, based on two characters who mean the world to me.

Like sweet Matilda, I only wish they were real.

Goals For The Coming Week

During the next week, I’m scheduled to self-edit Chapters 22 and 23, as well as work on my book blurb. I’d like to read and finish at least one book, as I’m back on track to read 50 before Christmas.

Note To Self

Hang in there, Baisden. Just hang in there.


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