I Kind Of Know What I’m Doing

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year since I started this blog. I originally began writing this blog to document my journey to publishing my first book, but it really became a place where I not only have kept myself accountable, I’ve also kept a steady plan of action.

A year ago, my first blog post was I Have No Idea What I’m Doing. At the time, I’d say that was very true. My first plan of action was a handwritten timeline in my first writer’s notebook and let me tell you, looking back at it, it’s adorable. I hadn’t quite grasped the concept of beta-readers. The price tag for a professional edit would send me into an instantaneous panic attack. But my time frame was incredibly accurate. All the pieces of publishing a book were there, they were just jumbled up/misplaced.

So now, a year later? The beta read is behind me and I just sent my manuscript and blurb off for the professional edit yesterday. I’ve stayed the course and adapted where I’ve needed to in order keep this dream alive.

My name is Delphia Baisden. I am now 29 years old and I still live in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Still love to read, still love to write. And in less than a year’s time, if all goes according to my plans, I will finally be a published author.

I couldn’t be more excited for the future if I tried.


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