Credence Cover Reveal, Blurb Reveal, and Preorder Launch

So, as I revealed on my author page last week, the title of my book, releasing on March 1, 2019, is Credence. Yes, that’s the correct spelling. No, it’s not a nod to either CCR or Creed, but nice try, lol.

I’d DEFINITELY hinted the title of my book before, way back on my Lending Credence post on August 20, 2017. Only one person knew it at the time, my sister Vic, who texted me about how sneaky that was. I laughed, knowing full well that’s what I’d done. But my platform was non-existent at the time (it’s slightly better now) and I’ve shared so few details about my book until now, unsurprisingly, no one caught it.

But folks, it’s time to get this book-launch show on the road.

As you can read from the image on my title reveal post on my FB author page, the definition of Credence is:

[The] belief in or acceptance of something as true.

The title of this book did not come easily to me. As I’ve stated before, I cannot tell you how many song titles, song lyrics, words, etc., I considered for this book. Credence wasn’t even on the original list.

You may remember my brief, passionate reading love affair with the Captive Prince series by C.S. Pacat. I was re-reading the first chapter and credence is used (I know, I know, I’ve told this story before). Suddenly, it snapped into place. I double-checked that I understood the word correctly before decided that was it, that was my title.

As I said on FB, I’d only intended to reveal the title of my first book today, but Amazon requires a cover image and blurb/synopsis before you can list a book, even for preorder. So, without further ado, here is the cover for my first book, Credence (also pictured in the featured image for this post):


I remember the first time I ever saw this cover image. It was on the pre-made covers website, and frankly, it took my breath away. It fits my story perfectly in many ways. Also, shout out to this website, as my experience with them was nothing but smooth and professional.

And now, here’s the full blurb for Credence:

James Morgan, lead guitarist for the rock band Eden, seems to have it all. That is, until Theo, Eden’s lead singer and James’s secret lover, violently betrays him, sending James into a deep depression and cutting their current tour and the band’s life short.

Kieran Jackson, the lead vocalist for the less successful band Lost and Found, is at his wits’ end. At thirty-three, he never dreamed he’d still be opening for bands comprised of twentysomethings. When Eden pulls out of the last few shows of their summer tour, Kieran returns home burned out and heartbroken.

Over a year later, James, Phil, and David of Eden decide to reform under a different name with Kieran as their new vocalist. James, never having forgotten his single interaction with Kieran, nor the only time he ever listened to him perform, knows Kieran’s the best choice.

James is still closeted—and skittish after his last relationship—and one fumbling, drunken kiss threatens to undo everything he’s worked so hard to rebuild, as well as the cover he’s fought to maintain.

Can James overcome his past, confront his demons, and reclaim his former fame? Or will he and the newly formed True North remain in Eden’s shadow forever? Can he finally find comfort in who he is, accept his past, and reopen his heart? Or will the memories of Theo’s betrayal and the subsequent fallout dash any hope of finding—and trusting—love again?

Trigger warning: this book contains explicit rape, as well as one failed suicide attempt by a main character.

If you’d like to preorder a digital copy of Credence, you can do so HERE. I plan to also make it available in the Kindle Unlimited program for at least the first 90 days of its existence, so if you’re a KU member and you don’t want to gamble on a newbie like me, please feel free to take advantage of that when the time comes!

Also, I understand that it’s the holiday season and for many, money is tight right now (or may always be, I completely understand that as well). If you’d like to keep Credence on your radar but can’t afford to preorder, please feel free to add it to your Goodreads To-Be-Read shelf HERE.

I also highly recommend signing up for my newsletter HERE. Because you never know what kind of goodies, freebies, and/or previews I’m offering between now and March 1st.

As always, thank you all for being along with me on this journey. I’m excited to finally begin sharing the fruits of my labor with you!

***Please note that at this time, Kindle Direct Publishing does NOT offer paperback pre-orders, neither for readers nor for authors. If you’d like a paperback, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait and order it on March 1, 2019. I apologize for any disappointment this may cause and I will let you know if that changes. Thank you.


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