Beta-Read Wrap-Up (PR 5/4/18)

As always, I’d like to begin this week’s progress report by thanking all of you awesome people who’ve followed, liked and/or commented on my blog!

Days Until Beginning the Fourth Draft (May 11): 6

No stats this week, since I’m not directly working on my manuscript.

Thoughts On Leaving My Book Alone

It has continued to be easy to leave my book alone as we wind down the beta-reading phase. I’ve continued working on the outline and pre-writing for my next book. I haven’t finished working through the Pre-Write Project workbook yet, as I’ve come to the part where you work out all of your setting details. The workbook asks you not only to name where your story takes place, but also the years, time of year, weather, culture, etc. All of that is going to require me to firm up and research pieces of the story and characters, so that’s stalled me out a little. Also, I have until November to have all of this done, so I don’t want to sprint to the finish line and burn myself out on this thing before I’ve even begun writing it.

I also read probably THE spiciest m/m book I’ve read to-date, which coincidentally was my 40th m/m erotic romance, Loser Takes All by Kora Knight, the first in the Up-Ending Tad series. This past weekend, with spring heating up here, I was craving a really hot, sexy read and I was NOT disappointed. I also decided to finally try out Kindle Unlimited, and because this series is part of the KU program, it was free for me to rent and read. I want to read the rest of the series (there are six in the main series, along with a spin-off series) and consider keeping KU. I KNOW I spend at least $9.99 on books in a month, probably more some months.

Goals for the Coming Week

I need to get the beta-reader questionnaires printed and organized so I can go through the third draft and determine where I need to work the hardest on this final self-edit. I also need to re-work my schedule for completing the fourth draft, as I have a mini-vacation at the end of this month and a family thing at the beginning of June.

And if I have a chance, I’d like to read more of the Up-Ending Tad series, but only if I have time. Bringing my own book into the world is my top priority for the next year and some change.

Note to Self

Roll with the punches and try to remain adaptive, Baisden. It will all get done.


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