Beginning on the Fourth Draft (PR 5/11/18)

As always, I’d like to begin this week’s progress report by thanking all of you awesome people who’ve followed, liked and/or commented on my blog!

Here are this week’s stats:

Word Count for Chapters Edited This Week: 0

Last Chapter of Fourth Draft Completed: 0

Chapters To Go (subject to change)25

Days Until July 15th Goal Date65


FINALLY. I swear, that had to be one of the longest months of my life, during which I learned a lot about the effort and discipline of patience. Sure, I had my new idea to pre-write on. Sure, I still had my weekly blog entries to write. Of course, I still had ample reading material (not that I read nearly as much as I wanted to). But still, I’ve felt the clock ticking loudly during this waiting period for a number of reasons.

First, I have two major things to work around while I produce the fourth draft of my book. I have a 3-day trip in 2 weeks that’s going to require me to be away from my book/laptop and during the first full week in June, my mom is having surgery, which is likely going to make it near impossible to focus on my book for a few days. I know a few days twice during an over-two-month period doesn’t sound like much, but it makes me nervous because THIS is the draft that goes to the professional editor. Which brings me to the next reason this break period felt so excruciatingly long.

THIS is the draft that I need to be on top of my game for. I need to have my word count tight, my grammar errors and typos to a minimum, and my overall story flowing and well-paced. True, some of these things are what an editor is for, and I know she will catch things I’ll still inevitably miss. But I’d still like to send her the cleanest, most developed manuscript I can, as I’ve heard is good form from all of the research I’ve done on this process.

And finally, perhaps the most superficial reason…I wanted to know what people thought. Good, bad and/or ugly, I wanted feedback on my book. Before this, I’d only ever let bits and pieces of the story be read. I’ve posted very brief excerpts here, one on Facebook, and let a couple of people read small portions. I wanted to know what people thought of the story in its entirety.

All of that said, as of yesterday afternoon, I have all four of my beta-reader questionnaires back and filled out. I’ve read them, going through my manuscript and marking/flagging each beta’s favorite parts, least-favorite parts, and anything shaky or poorly written as pointed out by them. Overall, the feedback was incredibly positive, even more so than I thought it’d be. I know I’m a decent writer, but I also know this is my first attempt at a real book and I know no one’s first attempt at anything is perfect. But I know that with the help of their feedback, I’ll be able to make this thing even stronger.

Special thank you to my wonderful beta readers, Victoria, Chelsey, Krystal and Brittney. I know I’ve already thanked you all, both in private and on social media, but honestly, it means the world to me. Keep an eye on the acknowledgments page of the final product! 😉

Note To Self

Another major step down. You’re doing this, girl. You’re really doing it. Just keep your head up, your attention focused, and trust the process.


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