I’m a Writer? (PR 8/17/18)

As always, I’d like to begin this week’s progress report by thanking all of you awesome people who’ve followed, liked and/or commented on my blog!

Here are this week’s stats:

Tentative Final Word Count for the Sixth Draft: 66,854


So, first, it only took me a weekend to complete the sixth draft of my book. Round 2 of editing came back a week ago (after I’d already posted my blog, I wasn’t holding out on you, lol) and of course, I couldn’t keep my hands off of it. Draft 6 was finished on Sunday, August 13th and I sent it to the proofreader on Monday. She got back to me within a few hours and said she took a peek and that everything looks good. She will go through it on 8/27 and anticipates having it back to me on the afternoon of 8/28.

Because of this, as well as anticipating that running through the proofread corrections won’t take me long, I fully expect to have the final version of my book ready for copyright much sooner than I planned. I’d been toying with an idea for when I wanted to submit it for copyright, but I wanted to make sure I could do it before I said anything.

Well, folks, the date I plan to submit my book for official copyright is September 12, 2018, my parents’ 38th wedding anniversary. I double-checked with my mom and she is all for it. And, though he’s not here for me to ask, I have a feeling that all of the coincidences I’ve experienced during this process, as well as the ease with which I’ve completed each step of making this book a reality, I believe my dad is all for it too.

Second, I can definitely tell you that adjusting to not having to worry about editing has not been the smoothest transition. With the book through the professional edit – and the most expensive part of the process paid for – I’m feeling a little off-center. I know, I know, I should relax and feel relieved. And I am relieved, you have no idea. But it’s a little weird going from worrying for months about something, meticulously watching your money and dodging financial bullets, preparing a piece of creative work (and yourself) for its first professional criticism, to having it all completed and paid for.

I’ve tried to turn my attention to other things. I completed a free online course, Social Media Marketing for Self-Publishers by IngramSpark. I’ve checked out a couple of books from the library about book marketing. I need to nail down at least a tentative marketing plan to execute beginning in the new year and I want to be as best prepared as possible.

Third, a small milestone moment happened for me on Sunday. I was at Staples looking at laptops (my poor old Toshiba has been great, but she’s at least 7 years old) when one of the sales associates asked me if I needed help with anything. I told him I was researching new laptops. When he asked me what I use my laptop for, I told him, “I’m a writer.” I’m sure I shied as I said it. I know I was waiting for him to smirk or laugh or roll his eyes or ask me in a condescending voice, ooooh what kind of writer?? But he didn’t do any of those things. He nodded and then began asking laptop preference questions and explaining the different laptops to me.

This felt extremely significant to me. First of all, I finally had the nerve to tell a complete stranger that I’m a writer. Not that I’m a customer service rep who writes in her free time. Not that I write a little for fun. No. I’m a writer. Second, I must’ve said it with enough conviction that he didn’t think I was full of shit. He nodded and then proceeded to explain the laptops and continue to answer all of my questions.

I told this all to a friend and her response was something along the lines of, “Well…you’ve written a book. You are a writer.”

She’s right. I have. I started with a small, for-fun idea that has morphed and changed and grown into the book it is now, awaiting its final comb-through before I send it for official copyright.

Goals For The Coming Week

I’d like to read at least one of the book-marketing books I rented from the library. I’d also like to finally finish Keeper by Kim Chance.

Note To Self

I am a writer. ❤

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