Well That Was Fast…(NaNoWriMo PR 11/23/18)

As always, I’d like to begin this week’s progress report by thanking all of you awesome people who’ve followed, liked and/or commented on my blog!

Here are this week’s stats:

Words Written This Week20,234

Words Written So Far: 50,315

Last Chapter of Rough Draft Completed14

Chapters To Go (subject to change)6

Days Until November 30th Goal Date7 (but I already made it sooo…)


So, yeah, totally didn’t expect to finish so soon! I hesitate to brag or throw up my hands and say THIS IS WHAT EVERYONE SAYS IS SO HARD?? I’ve had to catch myself a few times thinking that, because I know I got extremely lucky. I had months from the time this story idea first came to me to think about it and plan for writing it. I took Prep-tober very seriously, but all the same, I know 50,000+ words in 22 days is a feat.

The thing is, it almost didn’t feel like it was. I joked on social media about creating characters I fell in love with, but it’s absolutely true. Because I revealed their names yesterday on Facebook, I feel comfortable repeating them here to tell you, Sonny and Abe were very good to me. We didn’t stick exactly to my outline, but we hit the main points. For the most part, I knew them both pretty well before sitting down to write them and I really believe this was key in my success with NaNo.

So what now? Well, as you can see above, I have about six more chapters according to my original outline. In all honesty, that’s too generous. I may have 3-5 left before the story is told. This manuscript is going to be a bit shorter than I would’ve liked, but I plan on adding and expanding a few things during the rewriting process. I’ve gotten pretty used to writing every day, but as you may remember from last year, I work in online retail and today begins our peak season. I may back off of writing everyday if need be to save my sanity (and my poor eyes).

Goals For The Coming Week

I’d like to write the rest of Chapter 15 and possibly Chapter 16.

Because I’d completed my NaNo goal, I’d like to get back into reading more regularly (even though I’ve also accomplished my 2017/2018 reading goal as well).

Note To Self


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